Legend of the Blue Sea Fashion - Jun Ji Hyun
The long-anticipated drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ has finally come out, already breaking records from Day One. Which, of course, is expected from the KDrama legends Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. We all knew the moment they confirmed their roles that something big was going to happen. And on smash-hit shows like this, there’s bound to be amazing outfit matches. So here on kpopstuff, a lot of the posts are going to be centered around this new drama. Today is going to be on Jun Ji Hyun’s Legend of the Blue Sea fashion, especially focused on episode 2. We decided to combine episode on and two, just because there were more style options. Maybe I’ll add the two outfits from episode one later on as bonuses. In episode 1, the nameless mermaid is caught by Lee MinHo in his ‘favorite’ sweater. I love how Jun Ji Hyun manages to pick out dramas that have her pull off some humorous acts too. Jun Ji Hyun Jun Ji Hyun This brown sweater is by Beaker. It’s a men’s sweater, but she still looks amazing! Sweater- Beaker 2016 FW Oversized Hoodie-295,000 KRW (Around $250) Sweater Link: Leaving off from episode 1 into episode 2, our mermaid is still wearing the daring-sequined dress that leaves me wondering how Jun Ji Hyun manages to pull that dress off. She, of course, looks amazing, but I’m having a hard time imagining myself having any confidence trying to wear that same dress. Jun Ji Hyun Jun Ji Hyun Dolce and Gabbana Sequined Dress-$5,595 Next is one of my personal favorite ways to dress on lazy days. A super long and loose-fitting blouse fits well with skinny jeans, leggings, and in this case, shorts. Jun Ji Hyun Jun Ji Hyun The last outfit of Jun Ji Hyun’s Legend of the Blue Sea fashion for episode 2 is this simple black-and-white outfit, a white blouse and a black and white skirt. Simple and classy. Jun Ji Hyun Jun Ji Hyun Jun Ji Hyun I am still in the midst of finding the exact outfit matches, but I do know that everything is from Louis Vuitton. I reallyi love the skirt though, it’s a nice length, and has a really interesing cut/pattern. So that finishes off episode 1 and 2 outfit recaps! Maybe next episode I’ll be able to find a good dupe for some of the outfits. I’d just like to add that like many others, I’m still in awe in how Jun Ji Hyun can maintain her figure and act so well after just giving birth. It also will forever remain a mystery to me on how her skin stays amazing after her pregnancy and birth. Sigh. I guess some things are just not made to be, like me and good skin. Oh well. I hope you all enjoyed browsing through Jun Ji Hyun’s amazing Legend of the Blue Sea fashion throughout the whole drama! *RELATED: For More Legend of the Blue Sea Styles – Lee Min Ho’s Legend of the Blue Sea Hair Tutorial Jun Ji Hyun’s Coat Fashion in Legend of the Blue Sea Jun Ji Hyun’s Legend of the Blue Sea Hair