HWARANG HAIRSTYLES - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Korean Drama Hwarang The long-awaited Korean drama series has already premiered and the boys of Hwarang look fabulous with their historical hairstyles~ Hwarang tells the story of seven male elite youth during the Kingdom of Silla, with love-triangles and eye candy everywhere! Starring Kpop idols such as BTS’ Taehyung, SHINee’s Minho, and ZE:A’s Hyungshik, many fangirls will be sure to catch all the latest episodes! While many steer clear from historical Kdramas due to their complicated plots and long episodes, these historical hairstyles will make you fall deep into historical Kdramas… and the world of Hwarang~~ Korean Actor Park Seo Joon ZEA – Park Hyungsik Korean Actor Do Ji Han SHINee – Choi Minho Korean Actor – Jo Yoon Woo BTS – Taehyung They still look fabulous with long hair, what hairstyle doesn’t suit them? Catch the newest episodes every Monday and Tuesday at –> UP NEXT : KPOP IDOLS WITH BLACK HAIR