Hair-Parting Styles for Guys - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Different hair-parts can change your overall image and impression. A lot of the times, we just don’t know which hair-part fits us best; especially for the guys with friends who seriously don’t care to notice any change. To help the those dealing with this problem, here are a few hair-parting styles that guys can try out~ 5:5 PART As we’ve earlier reviewed, this style is common in the Kpop scene, with iconic fashionista GDragon being one of many who rock this look. This hair part is for all the fashion-forward men out there who know a good hairstyle is an important touch to a complete outfit. Click Here for the Link to This Post ~> 5:5 Hair Part 6:4 PART This part is a little off-center, giving off a soft, natural vibe. This part is probably the most popular and easiest to pull-off for any face shape. This hair part is a popular choice among guys these days, especially with the currently *hot* Comma hair trend. Park Seo Joon’s 6:4 Hair Part 6:4 Hair Part 7:3 PART BTS V’s 7:3 Hair Part 7:3 Hair Part This is one of my personal favorites. You can wear this part up or down. It really accentuates the jawline and makes your face look smaller. This hair part would be especially fitting for those with a round face. When looking for a change, many times the best thing to do is change your part. The position of your part really does a lot to your image, so try playing around with it and find the right one for you~ RELATED: THE MIDDLE PART : –> UP NEXT: THE TWO-BLOCK HAIRSTYLE