With their USA tour coming to an end, GOT7 just suprised fans with a pre-trailer for their upcoming release! Watch the trailer HERE and find out when the release date will be! With GOT7’s comeback just around the corner, let’s take a look back at one of their trendiest hairstyles. The rapper of GOT7, Bambam, combines two HOT trends with his unbalanced two block haircut. Bambam is not only known as the “King of Dabbing,” but also a trendy fashionista. This time he combines the lavender hair color trend with The Two Block Haircut trend*. GOT7 Bambam’s Lavender Hair Color GOT7 Bambam’s Pink Tinted Hair GOT7 Bambam’s Light Burgundy Hair This lavender color* is the currently trending hair dye for Kpop girl groups as well as boy groups. Each shade of lavender is different, and in Bambam’s unbalanced two block haircut look, the shade of lavender is tinted heavily with what seems to be a concoction of pink and red, which reflects a light burgundy pigment at some angles. Another HOT trend infused into his hairstyle is the trending two block haircut*, but with a twist! Normal Two Block Haircut GOT7 Bambam’s Two Block Haircut Do you spot the difference yet? GOT7 Bambam’s Unbalanced Two Block Haircut GOT7 Bambam, being the trendsetter he is, decided to forgo the normal hairstyle and decided to try an unbalanced two block haircut! One side of the haircut seems like your normal medium-length two block haircut while the other side is cut at a shorter length, closer to a buzz cut (almost). This creates a unique balance in length and style, making it easy on the eyes. The color and style of Bambam’s unbalanced two block haircut makes it one of the HOTTEST trends this year! Are you aware of the two block cut that’s trending? *RELATED: For More Two Block Haircut Hairstyles – SMTM5 Simon D’s Two Block Haircut NCT Johnny’s Hairstyle The Clean Cut Pomade For More GOT7 – GOT7 Mark’s Airport Fashion All About the Comma Hair Trend For More Lavender/Pink Hairstyles – Guys: Candy Colored Hair Girls: The New Fall/Winter Hair Color Trend Red Velvet Irene’s Two Tone Hair Trendy Hair Color : Pink Brown Hyuna’s Hairstyles –> BTS HAIRSTYLES FOR ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’