GONG YOO'S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
The Korean drama Goblin has been making headlines (and records) for its star-studded cast and ratings. Goblin has dominated viewership records both domestically and internationally; surpassing popular Kdramas such as Descendants of the Sun and Legend of the Blue Sea! It tells the story of a Goblin, searching for his human bride to put an end to his curse of immortality. I mean, with a storyline like that, who wouldn’t be intrigued? It stars Coffee Prince’s Gong Yoo as the Goblin, and actress Kim Go Eun as the cursed Goblin’s human bride. Gong Yoo’s role as Kim Shin calls for the perfect hairstyle to suit his god-like good looks (and character, of course) >< and this is Gong Yoo’s Goblin hairstyle that’s been trending lately~ It’s becoming even more popular as the viewership ratings keep soaring throughout Asia! Gong Yoo during the first script reading of the Kdrama Goblin Gong Yoo in episode 4 of the Kdrama Goblin Gong Yoo’s hairstyle is a different take on the trending parting-perm (aka 가르마 펌) hairstyle we’ve been seeing throughout the seasons. These perms help to create a naturally parted look (hence the name) and Gong Yoo’s Goblin hairstyle uses waves to hide his roots and create a fuller, voluminous look. Are you currently enjoying the drama? Keep a look out for the episodes 5 & 6, airing Friday and Saturday!! *RELATED: For More Goblin Fashion- Goblin’s Fashion Trend for Guys For More Goblin Hairstyles – Yoo In Na’s Goblin Hair BTOB Sungjae’s Goblin Hair Lee Dong Wook’s Hair in Goblin –> UP NEXT: LEE DONG WOOK’S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE