GO ARA'S HAIRSTYLES - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Go Ara has been making viewers laugh with her quirky personality in currently airing Kdrama “Hwarang.”* Ara plays the role of a young girl named A-ro, who captures the hearts of the King (played by ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik) and commoner (with a secret) Sun Woo (played by Park Seo Joon) with her cheerful personality. However, there is more to Actress Ara than her character, A-ro! Let’s get a closer look at the actress’ personality and Go Ara’s hairstyles throughout the years~ Layered, Wavy Hair Since her debut in the drama/movie industry in 2003, Go Ara has been known for her baby-face. At the time of her debut, she was mainly seen with the “no-makeup” makeup look and very natural hairstyles. Here she shows off her wavy-layered cut.* This haircut was big in the 90’s, but the trend is back now! Boho Waves These tight, boho waves* add a youthful charm to the already baby-faced actress. Called the “Hippie Perm,” this early 2000’s trend is also back in style~ The Side Pony Here, actress Go Ara rocks a chic, side pony. This classic updo,* paired with leather sleeves and a sleeveless trench is the perfect rocker-chic look. Curly Hair Go Ara went for curls the next time around. This curly hairstyle* creates volume and adds an elegant flair to the actress’ look. If you want to change up your look without going for shorter hair, or just need a little extra volume, try one of many kinds of perms! Straight Hair Go Ara’s hairstyle here makes her look like a perfect, proper lady. This sleek, straight hairstyle* is personally one of my favorite of Go Ara’s hairstyles; the shoulder-length and deep side part emphasizes her perfect V-line face shape. The actress started wearing shorter hairstyles, and many missed her longer locks. Still, other fans actually liked her new look, as it was a much needed change from her usual hairstyles. Short Bob Hairstyle For her drama, You’re All Surrounded, Go Ara sported a messier, curly haired bob*, which matched perfectly with her tomboyish character in the kdrama. Short Bob During her press conference and other public appearances, however, she was seen with a more sophisticated hairstyle. This proves just how versatile and easy-to style short hair* can be, contrary to popular belief! Well, has Go Ara (or Go Ara’s hairstyles) captured your heart yet? If you want to see Korean actress Go Ara’s latest hairstyle change-up, check her out in the historical Kdrama : Hwarang *RELATED For More Hwarang Hair – Hwarang Hairstyles For Longer Layers – Wavy-Layered Cut For More on the Boho Look – Hippie Hairstyles If You Love Your Curls – Curly Hair If You’re Experiencing the Short or Long Dilemma – Haircut Inspirations Want More Cute Updos? – The Perfect Fall Updos For Straighter Hair – Straight Hairstyles Debating on Short Hair? – Actress Go Jun Hee’s Trending Haircut –> UP NEXT: FEMALE KPOPSTAR HAIRSTYLE