FEMALE KPOPSTAR HAIRSTYLE - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
All those colorful MV’s, the playful personalities, flawless makeup, perfectly choreographed dances~ Let’s face it: whether girl or guy, there has to have been at least ONE time when you sincerely wanted to be a Kpop star… While it might be quite difficult to audition, find an agency, train for a million years (yes, we’re looking at you Johnny), and finally debut, who says you can’t at least look the part of a K-pop star? For those of you who secretly want to be a K-Pop star but don’t think you can endure all that hard training, this female kpopstar hairstyle will be perfect for you! Today we’ll be looking at the newest addition to the signature “female idol” hair look. Front Profile Right Profile Left Profile This two-tone hair color is created using Ash-Blonde hair dye. The cut of this female kpopstar hairstyle, including its soft bangs, can frame all kinds of different face shapes. SNSD – Taeyeon A lot of female idols seem to like wavy-hair these days, as this creates a smaller-looking face and gives the hair some much needed volume. Perfect! Now all you need is some kpop makeup and clothes~ The links below are perfect “How to be a Kpop Star” tutorials: Michelle Phan – How to Look Like A Kpop Star Kpop Star Makeup Tutorial Vogue – How to Look Like a K-Pop Star With Jessica K-Style – Kpop Idol Fashion K-pop Inspired Lookbook Well, are you a Kpopstar yet? Comment down below or send tag us through instagram @kpopstuffyy so we can see your Kpopstar transformations! *RELATED: For wavy hairstyles – Curly Hair – Hippie Hair – Haircut Inspirations – Wavy-Layered Cut –> UP NEXT: QUIZ! WHICH KPOPSTAR HAIR COLOR SHOULD YOU GET?