CANDY COLORED HAIR (GUY EDITION) - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Now for the male edition of colorful, and a bit crazy… dyed hairstyles! Although many choose to go the natural route, their are still some creative fashion icons in the Kpop industry that love to show off new looks each time! EXO – Sehun Ah yes.. everyone remembers this cupcake & sprinkles hairstyle… Combining almost every color of the rainbow, Sehun’s stylist evidently couldn’t choose which color suited the EXO member best (probably because he looks good in everything). B2ST/BEAST – Junhyung Junhyung almost looks like Jack Frost with this electric-blue hairstyle* ~ SHOCK SHOCK (hehe anyone get that reference?) Big Bang: The Kings of Kpop need their own section! They’ve tried so many (maybe tooo many) colorful hairstyles~ Big Bang – Gdragon Ummm… We’re not too sure what GD was trying to pull of here. Maybe he was going for the sushi look? Not all of GDragon’s hairstyles turn out like that, though. To be fair, here are some of his iconic hairstyles over the years. There isn’t a colored hairstyle the fashion icon from YG hasn’t tried! Check out his neon yellow/green hairstyle in Big Bang’s latest MV ~> Big Bang – Fxxk It MV Big Bang – Gdragon’s Pink Hairstyle Big Bang – GDragon’s Cotton Candy Hairstyle Big Bang – T.O.P Known for his quirky personality, the charismatic rapper of Big Bang went for an ethereal look in the Fantastic Baby MV. * (which you can rewatch HERE ~> Big Bang – Fantastic Baby MV ) ahh the feels… Big Bang – Daesung Daesung recently showed up in Big Bang’s newest MV with sea-green colored hair. And it suits him! Fans were awed at how good Daesung looked in the music video, and it’s hilarious! ~> Big Bang – Fxxk it Reaction Video RELATED: The Trending “Cool” Guy Hair Color –> UP NEXT: RAMEN HAIRSTYLES