BTS MAMA Airport Fashion - '95 liner V & Jimin on the Way to MAMA - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
BTS’ ’95 liners V and Jimin were spotted at the airport on their way to MAMA in Hong Kong, with fashion looks that drew attention in the hustling and bustling of screaming fans and picture-taking crowds, all trying to get a glimpse of the two famed and followed stars and the BTS MAMA Airport Fashion. Before we start getting into the fashion analysis, can we take a moment to enjoy the amazing performances that BTS put on for MAMA? Here’s one of my personal favorites… and I’m sure many other ARMYs will agree! But back to BTS MAMA Airport Fashion. The ’95 liners definitely pulled off looks that were so themselves! And what gets more original than that? BTS MAMA AIRPORT FASHION – V (TAEHYUNG) Our little alien, with platinum hair and a large white mask, showed up at the airport with a long, white jacket almost reminiscent of an oversized raincoat. V showed off his individuality with his oversized jacket and wide-fit pants. It seems our Tae, although he’s the fashionista he is. likes to be comfortable while looking fit for the catwalk. The point is always in the accessories. His unbalanced drop earrings and sky blue/red scarf wrapped around his neck are the focus of the outfit. To complete his luxurious outfit, Taehyung pairs this look with beige, fur-lined loafers and a beige tote bag. BTS MAMA AIRPORT FASHION – JIMIN I’ve found that, most of the time, Jimin’s fashion can be described in two words: “boyfriend look.” Our chim-chim likes to stick to casual streetwear when he can help it, and this airport look is no different. With the usual tight fitting pants, Jimin wears a black-themed outfit with the point being his green bomber. For accessories, Jimin wears a black baseball cap and shiny dress-casual shoes along with a black backpack for good measure. It’s so interesting to see how these two ’95 liners are so different in their fashion style, and we love them both! Congratulations to BTS on their MAMA win, and we’ll hope to hear from them soon ~ For More Airport Looks – BTS BBMA Airport Fashion SUGA’s Black Airport Looks BTS Airport Looks to Japan May 2017 GOT7 YOUNGJAE’s Clutch Airport Fashion EXO BAEKHYUN’s Airport Fashion SEVENTEEN HOSHI’s All Black Fashion Source: StyleM