BLACKPINK "Playing With Fire" MV Fashion - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Blackpink is one of the newer kpop girl groups to debut, and they’ve already been having a lot of success domestically and abroad. They recently came back with their new song “불장난”, or “Playing With Fire.” The outfits in this MV were very unique and colorful, so I thought that I might do a breakdown on what they’re wearing. Enjoy! Jennie Blackpink Jennie Balenciaga Floral Crepe Blouse-$1,265 Blackpink Jennie Coach 1941 Long Sleve Victorian Print Dress-$795 Blackpink Jennie Blackpink Jennie lilLilly Angora Choker Neck Top- Around $170 Blackpink Jennie Alexander McQueen Paisley Print Scarf Shirt-$1,645 (Currently $989) Jisoo Blackpink Jisoo MiuMiu Denim Shirt with Lace Collar-$1,200 PRADA Velvet Platform Shoes-$825 Blackpink Jisoo Manoush Striped Knit Sweater-$380 Blackpink Jisoo KOCHE Patchwork Satin Dress-$8,300 Blackpink Jisoo lilLilly Off-Shoulder MA-1 Jacket- Around $170 Lisa Blackpink Lisa Dodo Bar Or Marion necktie fil coupe blouse-$330 Blackpink Lisa Blackpink Lisa Coach 1941 Wool Glitter Star Crewneck-$695 Blackpink Lisa Blackpink Lisa Vetements Green Oversized Bomber Jacket-$2625 Blackpink Lisa R.Shemiste Open Shoulder Fur Coat-978,000 KRW (Around $832) Rose Blackpink Rose Saint Laurent Paris Collar Shirt in Black and Multicolor Stars and Spray Paint Printed Silk Crepe-$709 Blackpink Rose Sadie Williams 2016 Piste Autumn Winter Wear Collection Blackpink Rose DIESEL K-Oberto-$816 That’s all for today. Comment below on which outfit is you favorite, and if you want, what group/celebrity fashion that you want to see in our next update!