BANDANA HAIRSTYLES FOR GUYS - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
BTS – V (Taehyung) Rocking Those Hair Accessories Kpop idols have a unique thing with hair accessories, even (or especially) the guys. You’ll see them wearing cute headbands, hats, and hair clips during fanmeets and fan signs, and bandanas are certainly no exception. Idols usually use bandanas to keep hair out of their face during performances, but some choose to wear it as a fashion statement. Here are some of the best bandana styles worn by your favorite Korean idols~ BTS – Suga Agust D looks fierce in BTS’ concept photos for N.O. Rewatch the MV HERE, and you can see just how far these boys have come! Congrats on winning Artist of the Year at MNET Asian Music Awards, Bangtan! (WATCH the boys’ reactions HERE) EXO members seem to be loving this fashion as well! EXO – Kai EXO – Chen EXO – Luhan Luhan stans, whatever you do… don’t… *cries* SEVENTEEN – Dino Dino pairs this look with round Harry Potter glasses, creating a balance of sporty and casual. SEVENTEEN – Vernon Who says you can’t rock a bandana with longer* hair? Vernon breaks the stereotypes with this look INFINITE – Hoya Black wristbands, white and black tank, black hair, and matching bandana to boot? Hoya seems to know what he’s doing ~ TEEN TOP – C.A.P True ANGELs will remember C.A.P’s gangster look during debut. Dear TOP Media, we’re all anxiously waiting for news of Teen Top’s comeback- you mind! While waiting for Teen Top, CHECK OUT member Niel’s newest solo comeback: Love Affair MV. Super Junior – Donghae One of Kpop’s first big acts, Super Junior had the whole continent of Asia sweeped up in the Hallyu Wave. WATCH Super Junior’s Yesung in his latest crime/thriller drama : Voice VIXX – Ravi Ravi shows us you can look cool with cotton candy colored hair*~ This rapper of VIXX has just dropped a BOMB new single! Unfortunately, there has been some controversy over his MV, leading to the release of an edited version. Either way, Ravi spits bars– and haters can’t stop him. Hair can be worn up or down, straight or curly, this look is the epitome of easy, versatile hairstyles. This bandana look is a perfect casual/workout look you can jam to Kpop songs with! *RELATED: For More Candy-Colored Hair – Candy Colored Hair for Guys For Longer Hairstyles – Long Hairstyles for Guys Long Hair vs. Short Hair (Guys Edition) –> UP NEXT : NCT-JOHNNY HAIRSTYLE