AOA MINA'S LAYERED CUT in BING BING MV - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
AOA released their new single Bing Bing, and it’s been topping fans’ playlists everywhere~ A lot of us caught each members’ new look and were probably surprised with member Mina’s new hair change, as the look is just starting to trend in Asia. It might be totally new to Westerners in their sense of fashion, but you can judge for yourself. Take a look at Mina’s layered cut! AOA Mina’s Concept Photo for Bing Bing The layered look has been loved by many for its volume-boosting effects. The layers make hair look thicker and more voluminous in a subtle, natural way. AOA Mina in Bing Bing MV Mina’s layered cut is a more natural version of the woman’s two block haircut (we’ll be posting about this next!), which has been making a frequent appearance in Kdramas (and Kpop) these days. It’s essentially a haircut of two lengths, with the front length shorter than the back length. This creates a balance in length and sorta “tricks” your eyes into seeing two styles~ AOA Mina in Bing Bing MV Mina’s layered cut is best achieved with long hair, as this balances out the shorter hair length appearing at the front. If you have shorter hair, the even shorter layers might end up making your hair tooo voluminous, and more on the poofy side. Watch for Mina’s new layered cut in AOA’s Bing Bing Music Bank Comeback Stage! *RELATED: For More AOA Hair- Mina’s Straight Hair Choa’s New Lob Hair Seolhyun’s Hairstyles Mina’s Space Buns –> UP NEXT: WOMEN’S TWO BLOCK CUT