CL Opens Up About Leaving YG.
CL has shared a heartfelt message about starting the second chapter of her career, folllowing her departure from longtime agency YG Entertainment. On December 2nd, the rapper took to Instagram to open up about making a fresh start. The full caption reads as follows: I started running even before I learned to walk, so without knowing how to walk or how to rest, I achieved a lot of things, realized a lot of things, and learned a lot of things in the past 13 years. I was happy to be able to live as CL, who could share myself with all of you, and I was also able to heal myself with the love that you all gave me. Like the 13-year-old Chaelin [CL's given name], just like my grandmother always told me, bravely and confidently. Without waiting for someone else to choose me, I will return to being CL and move forward on my own, one step at a time. At the thought of being able to share my experiences, memories, and feelings together [with you], my heart is excited and aflutter for the first time in a long while. For all the CLs of this world. In the name of love, CL CL will be making her long-awaited return on December 4th at 6 p.m. KST, where she will begin releasing music from her new project album “In The Name Of Love' for the coming weeks.