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Hello, my beautiful friends! It has been quiet on Kouzounas Kitchen for many reasons but one major reason comes to mind is my next cookbook is in the works! Although the past few days I have come across a few minor problems, I believe I got this and it will come out beautiful. Writing a cookbook isn’t easy at all! Let me tell you if you do not have the time to write then do not do it. It is basically like your baby, a major priority and for me, I tend to shut down for a few months to vigorously work on this project until it is ready to be submitted over to format and editor. I do not consider myself a writer, but I do consider myself as an artist, and a professional chef. I have learned quite a bit from the first book I published; Back To My Roots and now learning more onto the second book. I will eventually do a post on how to write a cookbook but for now, I will continue to share delicious recipes with yall. Words of wisdom: Do not give up your passions or dreams and always strive to succeed. THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: KOUZOUNAS KITCHEN I am starting the 12 days of Christmas early on my Instagram page. Today we gave away 1 $5 Starbucks gift card to the winner Antigone. Congratulations Antigone!! Please do check back tomorrow for another exciting giveaway! Follow our Instagram page > Kouzounas Kitchen IG Page Let’s get to the cooking, shall we? This spinach dip came about a few years back when I had extra spanakopita filling and decided to make a dip out of it. I hope you enjoy this simple modern Greek recipe. Spanakopita Dip Recipe Ingredients: 1 clove garlic minced 1 cup green onion minced 1 can of artichoke hearts, drained 2 cups of fresh spinach cooked and drained 1/4 cup of cream cheese 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt 1 1/2 cup of crumbled feta cheese 2 teaspoons of dried dill 1 teaspoon of dried basil 1 teaspoon of dried mint 1 pinch of paprika Salt and pepper for flavor Method: Prepare the spinach by cooking until wilted. Make sure to drain out the water completely. Drain the artichoke hearts, and set aside. In a large Cuisinart blender, add all ingredients inside and pulse until everything is finely chopped and blended. Place mixture into a lightly greased oven-safe casserole and place in oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. ( You can always add more feta to the top and bake for an additional few minutes.) Serve with pita crackers or toasted sourdough bread. This makes a really good dip for the holidays coming up! Kali Orexi! Advertisements