TMI TAG AWARD - Kouzounas Kitchen
Hi, I was tagged by fellow blogger Mistimaan, who I thank so much! I haven’t done one of these fun tags in a while so this will be interesting. I hope you enjoy my answers. TMI Q & A Q: Have you ever been in love? Yes Q: What is your favorite drink? My favorite non alcoholic drink is master brew kombucha. My favorite alcoholic drink is a mojito. Q: What is your favorite song? Oh currently I am listening to Greek jazz, and I love too many songs ha. Q: What is your zodiac sign? Aries Q: What is your favorite show? Breaking Bad Q: What is your favorite band? Hmmm this is hard. One of my favorites is Red Hot Chili Peppers. Q: Something you really miss. I really miss my yiayia. Q: Where do you go when you are sad? In the kitchen always sad or happy. Q: Have you ever been in a physical fight? Yes, I have, not by choice. Q: What is your favorite color? Blue Q: Loud music or soft? Both Q: Favorite actor. Melina Mercouri. Q: Do you have any fears? What are they? Hmm good question. I fear death and spiders. Meaning behind your blog name. The meaning comes from my yiayia’s maiden last name. (Kouzounas) Q: Last time you said you loved someone. Today Q: Last book you read. I read the self-healing cookbook today. Q: The book you are currently reading. None Q: Last sport you played. Zumba Q: Last song you sang. Melina Aslanidou~ Prinkipessa Q: Favorite food. This is so hard when asking a chef! My favorite food is any kind of Greek pita. Q: Place you want to visit. Too many but one I can name is Spain. Q: Favorite flavor of sweet. Vanilla Q: What instruments do you play? Currently none, but I use to play guitar. Q: Favorite piece of jewelry. My new mati bracelet. Nominated Bloggers: https://simstadka.wordpress.com/ https://harbin77.wordpress.com/ https://easyrealfoodrecipes.com/ https://weingartenpfirsichhof.com/ http://www.ekaterinasgreekexpectations.com/ https://anotherfoodieblogger.wordpress.com/ https://lloydstevens29.com/category/food/ The questions are the same as above for the nominees. What To Do If You’re Tagged: You can participate if you want, if not, you can totally decline it. Mention the person who tagged you. Answer the questions from above. Let, the person you tagged know by commenting on their post. Cheers, Kouzounas Kitchen Advertisements Related