Greek Coffee By The Greek Wives Club - Kouzounas Kitchen
Happy mid week my friends! Our weather has officially changed drastically from very hot to cold!! We now live in Pollock Pines, and I am trying to adjust to this cold weather. How about some delicious Greek coffee from my dear friend Ekaterina Botziou, owner of The Greek Wives Club blog. Greek coffee and cold weather= LOVE! Have you checked out T.G.W.C blog? Please check it out below, as well as subscribe to Ekaterina’s You tube channel. I promise you will love her channel, and get a kick out of the videos she shares. 🙂 How To Make Greek Coffee~ By Ekaterina’s Greek Expectations YouTube Channel~ SUBSCRIBE HERE Have you tried Greek coffee? What are your thoughts? Enjoy the rest of your week and see you soon with our new recipe “Instant Pot Rizogalo” by Kouzounas Kitchen. Advertisements Related