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Happy Summer!! Yay our blackberries and strawberries are here!! Time to get cooking. For Father’s Day I made a New York cheesecake with Greek yogurt and fresh blackberry sauce to go over the top. My dad is the BBQ king, so he made delicious steaks and used my blackberry sauce to brush over the top while the steaks were cooking. Results… DELICIOUS. Today I am sharing a new way to make blackerry coulis, and healthier way to enjoy it. Instead of using granulated sugar, I used Cretan thyme honey, water, and fresh blackberries. That is it, three ingredients. Why blackberry coulis? Perfect in any sweet or savory recipes, and adds a delicious blackberry twist. Try it in lemonade, or add it to your salad for a sweet kick. Have you tried blackberry glazed shrimp? Oh yes, its delicious. Blackberry Coulis Recipe Serving: 1 Cup Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of Cretan thyme honey 3 tablespoons of water 1.5 cups blackberries Method: In a medium pot, add the honey, and water over medium heat. Whisk together until combined. Pour in blackberries, and reduce heat to low. Cook for 20 minutes, or until the berries have cooked down. Sauce should be some what on the thicker side. Strain out the seeds, and place sauce into a covered bowl. Chill for up to three days. The Perfect Strawberry Jam – Pectin Free Serving: 1 cup Ingredients: 3/4 cup Organic sugar 2 cups diced strawberries 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla flavoring Method: In a medium pot, add all ingredients over medium heat. Stir to combine. Cook until half the liquid has reduced, and mixture becomes thick. Pour into 1 large clean mason jar. Chill so mixture sets. Enjoy over toast, crepes, and much more!! Kali Orexi Have you made any of our recipes? Please share with us by using #KouzounasKitchen on IG/ FB/ or Twitter. Advertisements Related