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Hello Weekend!! How is your weekend treating you? Hopefully filled with lots of good cooking and fun. 🙂 Explore The Flavors Of The Greek Islands Greece has over 3000 islands of which 170 are inhabited. The islands are divided into 6 groups. These six groups are: Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Northeast Aegean Islands, the Ionian Islands, the Argo-Saronic Islands and the Sporades. Check out some great recipes from six Greek islands below. Flavors Of The Aegean –Island Of Samos Here you will find an traditional recipe from Samos. Enjoy some fine recipes at the link below. (How about some artichokes with olive oil?!) http://www.samosguide.com/listingview.php?listingID=82 Flavors Of The Clycades- Island Of Santorini The beautiful island of Santorini. One of my favorite islands to visit. My good friends Rena & Kosmas own a beautiful hotel in Megalahori, Santorini. Check out their hotel called Studio Artemis Suites at the link below. http://www.artemissuites.com Santorini is known for their Greek Tomato Fritters (Domatokeftedes). One of my favorite appetizers. Check out the recipe below for domatokeftedes. http://realgreekrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/07/greek-tomato-fritters-domatokeftedes.html Flavors Of The Ionian- Island Of Lefkada I absolutely love Lefkada for its beautiful beaches and food. In 2006 my family and I went to visit this lovely island. (I actually have cousins who live in Lefkada.) Check out this traditional recipe for lentils. http://www.lefkada.gr/pages.asp?pageID=102&langID=2 Flavors Of a The Dodecanese Island Of Rhodes Rhodes offers many great recipes including one of my families favorites: aubergine salad. (Melitzanosalata) http://www.faliraki-info.com/food/aubergine.htm Flavors Of The Argo-Saronic- Island Of Poros Check out a wonderful tzatziki dip recipe made from Poros. http://www.holidayonthemenu.com/Greece+-+Poros+Island+%7C+Menus+and+Recipes.html Flavors Of The Sporades Island Of Skiathos Aww beautiful Skiathos how much I miss you. I had the opportunity to work at a Spanish Restaurant as the sous chef on this island. Skiathos offers a variety of wonderful foods, wines, beaches, nightlife, and much more. I included one of my favorite Greek dishes, Gemista (stuffed peppers). http://www.thomson.co.uk/blog/2012/09/taste-greece-recipes-skiathos/#.UyUGCZK9KK0 Advertisements Related