Pickleback Bar | KOJE KLOSE
Photo: Huda Takriti "Few drinks inspire skepticism quite like the pickleback [...] a slug of whiskey followed by a bracing chaser shot of pickle brine, poured straight from the jar - has gained popularity in the U.S. in recent years as a novel way of making mediocre liquors more palatable." Tim Hume, The Power of the Pickleback, Wallstreet Journal 28.2.2013 The shot can also be chased by a bite of a selfmade pickle. Feeling like an alchemist, I created a special gourmet welcome drink on the occasion of "als künstlerische Praxis" curated by Franz Thalmair as part of the exhibition series "In der Kubatur des Kabinetts" in Fluc Vienna. 2 weeks before the exhibition's party, I pickled organic pickles in apple vinegar with pepper, salt and carraway seed in a 3.400 ml preservation jar and many double shots of whiskey in 47 ml jars that I carefully placed in the entrance area on a table, covered with tinfoil, which belongs to Fluc. transarts_fluc_einladung