Inquire, Curate, Explore: 5 Tips for the Under 10 Set | Knowledge Quest
I spent the first few years of my library career as an elementary school librarian. I don’t mind admitting that there was a point in the day, right before kindergartners arrived in the library where my pulse started to race. My aunt was a kindergarten teacher for 30 years and I know many amazing kindergarten teachers, and I marvel at them all! Kindergarten teachers are incredible. As the librarian, seeing the kindergartners once a week from the beginning of the year till the end - there was so much growth in personality and skills. However, every day, my pulse would race as I prepared for the 25 or so small people who would enter the library. Some days, we barely made it through my activities and the teachers would arrive back to pick up their class and my hair would be disheveled and I’d be sweaty having just orchestrated a conga line after reading a book about parrots dancing in a conga line.