Buy first or sell first – that is the question | Key To The Dream Realty Group
If you own a home in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and you are thinking of selling to buy that upgrade home or down size home, the first thing you ask yourself is "what do I do first? Buy or sell? It's the old "what came first - chicken or the egg" debate. And the answer is: Sell first. Plain and simple. I don't care what market we are in - buyers' or sellers' market, it's too risky in any market to carry two homes because there are just too many variables for things to go wrong. So your next question is "where do I go once I sell my home?". You stay in your home! And you do that by inserting a suitable housing clause into your listing agreement and into the Multiple Listing Service ("MLS"). As Realtors dealing with people selling a home or buying a home in Massachusetts and Rhode Island on a daily basis, this isn't the first time we've come across this and it will not be the last. A suitable housing clause will spell out the details of how long you will take to find a home.