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If you are thinking of selling, whether to up-size, down-size, retire - we can help. Whether it's a single family, multi family, condo, investment, etc. - we can help. In fact, Chris and I know soooooo much about selling a property that we wrote a book! We want YOU to have as much info. as possible because, let's face it, the internet can be a rabbit hole of info. You need info that is current! You need real estate agents that are experienced and reliable. There are tons of people that offer advice and everyone thinks the job easy and anyone can do it. I mean you can certainly cut your own hair, but should you? You can diagnose yourself, but should you? You can represent yourself in a divorce, but should you? Real estate is no different because it really is a profession! If you would like our book for FREE FREE FREE (because we want you to have the most UP TO DATE info. Click below and enter in your email. And don't be scared, we won't bug you just because you put in the request