Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Solutions | Key To The Dream Realty Group
At my home, no one can walk in with their shoes on. I don't care if you are going in and out for just a minute. The reason is that the shoes we are wearing and wear to every place we go and walk on (stores, grocery stores, businesses, hospitals, lawns, golf courses ((biggest users of pesticides and chemicals)) etc) are carriers of horrible toxic disgusting things and then you walk into your house with those shoes on tracking in all that horrible stuff. We think because we wash our floors regularly that this is a good way to remove all those chemicals, pesticides and toxins. WRONG. The cleaning supplies we use are loaded with chemicals and toxins and chemically engineered scents! And if you have small children that play or crawl on the floor and then put their hands in their mouth, well, they're ingesting it! EWWWWWWWWW. There are alternatives that you can use. Good ole fashioned baking soda with vinegar (you can add a couple of drops of organic essential lemon oil for a fresh