Alyssa & Lucien // Anaheim Hills Engagement - kelseycphotography
This love story is one of the sweetest – and one that has overcome the test of time. Meet Alyssa and Lucien, a couple I’ve known from their beginning as high school sweethearts at Whitney High School. It’s so awesome to witness their steadfast love and loyalty to one another as they’ve become the beautiful, mature, and genuine couple you’ll see in this shoot. Not many can say they’ve successfully navigated the bliss of a high school relationship into the hardships of a long-distance relationship into the adjustments that come with the working adult life. Wishing the absolute best to these two who are absolutely each other’s best friends! I hope you enjoyed taking a gander at this lovely couple’s engagement shoot! Be sure to show some love on our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram on the way out! xx, Kelsey.