Women & Confidence! How to Get More of the Good Stuff! | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Throughout my career as a coach, there is an ongoing theme when working with women - which comes back to a lack of confidence. While there is a string of reasons why this is the case – most of which we are all familiar with; Conscious & Un-Conscious Bias Society & Cultural Norms Over Personalising Set Backs Personality Traits Personality Type Perfectionism Under estimating our abilities And so on………… It is so great to read an article with some lovely practical suggestions to help build women's confidence in an entertaining fashion. The article by Julia Baird is titled 'Why you should carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man ' and is one that all women lacking in confidence should read. It is well worth the time. Julia Baird writes about knowing your values to help ground you (something I am a strong advocate of for men & women to be aware of). If you are not sure what yours are, you can do a complimentary values exercise on my blog, 'How To Define &amp