Why Our Careers Are Not Ours Alone! | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Our careers are not ours alone. They are the product of and the input of many. From our teachers - both formal and informal, family who support us and friends, industry associations, mentors, advocates, colleagues and so on. To have the mindset that our careers are ours alone – a puzzle to be figured out only by ourselves may seem the case in our minds, however, it is not the reality. If you look at any 'successful' people they will attribute many to their success. Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger who dislikes the label of being a self -made man. He highlights he got where he is today with the help and support of many. Which is why, I often don't understand why so many are reluctant to network to help grow their expertise and networks and information sources. To engage a coach – be it life coach, career coach, executive coach, image consultant, counsellor, voice coach and so on. Or to seek out mentors, sponsors or advocates. To have a team of people to support and encourage them