Why finding the top performing recruiters can double your job search odds | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Recruitment Extra is a monthly journal that I always enjoy reading as the content offers a diverse range of perspectives and is always current and thought provoking. This post was not intended to be a plug for Recruitment Extra however given they do such a great job I thought it worth mentioning. The other reason is that it offers job seekers some good content to assist in understanding how the recruitment market works to better manage a job search or career change. One of the articles in a recent addition that caught my eye was 'What does that top performer really look like' by Nigel Harse. The article was describing a top performing recruitment consultant, which was interesting. More interesting was the fact that it talks about 'candidate utilisation' which they state that with a top performer "candidate utilisation is also generally twice as good as the industry average which runs at approximately 10%-12% of people being interviewed that are placed." So, as a job seeker it is