Watch What You Say in Interviews – "I guess" is a Common Mistake | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
I have recently been helping an organisation interview for an exciting and challenging role. The candidates being interviewed have been bright interesting people who bring significant experience in their fields. Unfortunately this recent experience brought back to me one of the all too common terms that people use when prefacing an interview response – "I guess". While it may seem I am being petty, when you start an answer with "I guess" it basically negates whatever proceeds this, as when interviewing you are looking for definite responses, not "I guess", particularly when people are talking about specific experiences, how they solved problems and so on. While you may well have done all you said you did, the "I guess" at the start does not leave the interviewer feeling very confident in your reply. Doubt creeps in and that is not what you want. Instead take the time you need to gather your thoughts (as sometimes people say I guess to bide time) and then launch into your response.