Tips to Write & Sell Work Achievements in Your CV | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Achievementsare a critical part of your resume, perhaps more important than responsibilities, and therefore should be given prime resume real estate. Ensure that any achievements that are already listed on your resume are engaging to the reader and actually quantify or qualify what you have achieved. If they are fairly un-inspiring due to how you have presented them, either edit or remove them and update with more exciting and relevant examples. When describing your achievements, remember to think about how your reader is interpreting what you are saying. A couple of well written, relevant examples paint a more positive and engaging picture and far outshine a long list of basic and poorly written achievements. Consider reading the following statements whilst reflecting on your more recent jobs. Take down notes of situations that come to mind. Have you designed or introduced a new process that may have increased efficiency or sales? Have you solved a difficult problem? Have you