The 7 Steps to Successful Salary Negotiation | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Let's face it, most of us (men and women) find engaging in a salary negotiation discussion about as comfortable as presenting to a large room full of strangers. It is daunting, yet it is an essential skill to master for the sake of your confidence, career and your bank account. To increase your comfort level and the likelihood of achieving a positive outcome from the salary discussion follow this 7 step process; 1. Prepare the meeting agenda (keep it brief). A clear road map of what is to be discussed will keep you on track and provides a more professional edge to the discussion. 2. Research the job market for current salary data & document what you are seeking. There is an abundance of free information available online for salary data such as pay scale, also through personal networks, HR, Industry Associations and Recruitment Firms you can find out where to pitch yourself. 3. Prepare the business case (keep it factual and concise). It is less about your needs (i.e. tenure or