September Events for Women Looking to Negotiate Their Salary Packages! | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Equal Pay Day for Women in Australia is held on Thursday 8th September. During September I am running Salary Negotiation Events & Webinars for women looking to develop their skills in this area. Why? Because the pay gap is sadly nearing 18%. The gap only increases the more senior the role you hold, upwards of 20%. Breakfast Event: NAB Village, Melbourne, 8th September (limited spaces) 'How to Successfully Negotiate Your Next Salary Package Increase & Earn An Additional $700K+ Over Your Career!' If you haven't negotiated your salary package lately or ever - then this presentation held on Equal Pay Day for Women is a must attend. If you want to be working smarter and increasing your earning capacity at the same time, this presentation will equip you with the tools and confidence to do so. Some of the reasons why women resist engaging in salary negotiation and career promotion conversations include; our different personality types, social conditioning, overvaluing competency,