Salary Negotiation Tips for Executives | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
"Every desire that demands satisfaction – and every need to be met – is at least potentially an occasion for people to initiate the negotiation process." Gerard I.Nierenbergy As an Executive, you are likely no stranger to negotiating in business or in your general daily life. Like all children, you no doubt started off your life as a brilliant negotiator! Yet as time went on, like so many (particularly women) your amazing negotiation super powers perhaps started to become a little rusty. Which is why it's so important to re-discover and apply these skills throughout your career. We need to negotiate our salaries when and where we feel our needs are not being met on the work front. It is our responsibility to prepare for, initiate and execute a well- planned salary package negotiation discussion. Some avoid negotiations completely, while others go in ill prepared and leave disappointed. Others initiate the discussion, prepare effectively and conduct the negotiation with finesse –