Salary Negotiation Essentials For Women! Get Your Free Book | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
Equal Pay Day in Australia is being held on the 8th September 2016. If you are not confident, or unsure how to approach the salary negotiation conversation, you can access my e-book 'The Busy Women's Guide to… Salary Negotiation' for free from the 7th - 11th September. Normally US $4.99 Some of the factors that contribute to wage inequality will not be easily resolved and will take time before we see real changes. However, there are a few areas women can take control of to assist in addressing the pay imbalance. Salary package negotiation is one. Many women are uncomfortable with salary negotiation - and avoid it. As a result, over the course of the average women's career she is likely to forgo $700K in earnings! Yes, that much. It is never too late to gain the confidence and skills to engage in a successful salary package negotiation conversation and boost your earnings. Remember everything is negotiable! If you feel you are not being paid fairly, I encourage you to download a