Power Posing – a technique that may improve your interview & meeting performance! | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
When it comes to the job search process, rightly or wrongly how we present ourselves does play a role in our success. There are many aspects to how we present ourselves – from our clothing, hair, to our language, tone and also our body language. Our body language is one that often we neglect to work on – as we don't see it. Its role in our career is important – as it is so very telling. It lets people know if we are engaged, confident, defensive, happy, easy going and so on. The topic fascinates me and I am regularly working with clients on this aspect of their job search. When I came across Amy Cuddy on TED, talking about body language and 'power poses' I was delighted. Amy Cuddy – 'Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are' is a brilliant video worth watching if you are interested in personal development. Her research suggests that if you hold a powerful position for 2 minutes, it can have a profound effective on how you feel – and ultimately how you come across to others. It