Great Career & Lifestyle Books to Get You Inspired in 2016 | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
I love reading, and in particular I enjoy reading books related to how we live and work. This year I managed to get through a sizeable stack of books (I even managed to write my own, The Busy Women's Guide to… Salary Negotiation). Below I have a brief overview of those that I found to be most relevant for people looking to make career and/or lifestyle changes. I find that the two generally coincide. Enjoyable Books That Made an Impact in 2015 Mean Girls by Meredith Fuller, is a great book that helps understand the dynamics of working with female colleagues – namely those who maybe causing you some grief. The good news is that you are not alone. At various stages in our careers we all encounter 'mean girls'. It is nothing you are doing wrong - generally it is all about them! This great book offers some good strategies to deal with the various types of 'mean girls' that inhabit our workplaces. Sell Your Thoughts by Matt Church, is a book which title goes on to state