Authentic Interviewing – For Those Looking to Make Better Hiring Decisions | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
'The Art of Interview', is a great HBR Podcast with Cal Fussman writer and journalist for Esquire who has interviewed many high profiled people from politicians to global CEO's and musicians such as Dr. Dre. In this insightful podcast, Cal offers some great strategies for building trust with those he interviews to enable him to really get the honest answers he is looking for. He cites the example of Dr. Dre when you are looking to find out if people are truly passionate about what they do. Dr. Dre can work for 72 hours straight when he is passionate about a project he is working on. We can leverage or adapt this in interviews to ask questions around "When were you last totally immersed in a project at work?" Or, "When was the last time you pulled an all- nighter to get a project done at work?" This is a great podcast for anyone who is looking to develop their interviewing skills in order to make better hiring decisions. From the podcast I took away the need to have a more authentic