AusAPT (MBTI) Type 2016 Mini-Conference | Kelly Magowan, Giving Careers Direction
'The Best of British' Type Conference In Australia Come and join the AusAPT Mini Conference in July (Brisbane) & August (Melbourne). The following speakers will be presenting; Dr Angelina Bennet is an occupational psychologist working in executive profiling, organisational analysis, and personal and organisational effectiveness. Formerly a senior consultant with OPP (European distributor of the MBTI), Angelina consults in the UK and Europe via her company I Potential. Angelina is an expert in psychometric applications. A research study for her professional doctorate thesis, 'Linking the Myers-Briggs to the client's stage of development', won a British Psychological Society award. Angelina is the author of The Shadows of Type, and has been president of the British Association for Psychological Type since 2011. Susan Nash is an international expert in business applications of type and temperament, focusing on team productivity, conflict reduction, performance coaching and leadership