Kelley Curran
Kelley Curran is a Callaway Award-winning and Drama League Award nominated actress, and the recipient of the 2017 National Theatre Conference Emerging Professional Award. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. "She is a magnificent specimen... Kelley Curran unapologetically steals the show... a triumphant appearance" -The New York Times, 8/4/15 "...the luminous Kelley Curran..." -The Boston Globe, 8/18/15 "Theater is all about enlisting the audience's imagination, a skill Ms Curran...has mastered" -The New York Times, 5/10/08 "...the charismatic Kelley Curran...rages fire like the southern end of a northbound dragster" -The Village Voice, 4/29/15 "And then, there is Kelley Curran! This brunette bombshell essays four different parts with the kind of comedic élan that made Carol Lombard a legend. Trust me, funny and sexy isn't an easy thing to pull off. Ms. Curran makes it look like a day at the beach on Cannes." -NY Theatre Guide, 4/18/16 "... inhabiting a character with such depth and nuance and naturalness scarcely seems possible..." -The Oregonian, 4/12/12 "'ll likely agree with the enthusiastic audience member who burst out with, '...Kelley Curran is a genius.'" -Metroland, 7/16/15