Jobs in the Financial Industry
More than 220,000 Coloradans are unemployed. So if you're out of work and looking for a job, you need to set yourself apart. Becoming a licensed financial agent can give you endless job opportunities. And you can become a licensed agent in just a matter of weeks. It costs less than $300 and you don't need a college degree. Larry Larsen's Eagle Education is Colorado's oldest school of its kind. Eagle Education offers classes to help you prepare and pass the state licensing exam. And once you've passed the test, Eagle Education will help you find a job. In Colorado, licensed agents make an average of $60,000 - $114,000 each year. Eagle Education offers classes to prepare for the licensing exam every month. Call them now to find register for their upcoming class and be on your way to a new career. 303-791-0398 or visit them online at Eagle-Education.com