Zero Waste Festival workshop - Karhina.com
@zerowastevictoria repost ・・・ Do you have a favourite piece of clothing looking the worse for wear or that the moths had a feast on? Come along and learn how to make the clothes you love last. Mending is a great life skill which can save you money, save your clothes and reduce your impact on the environment! Bring along clothes in need of repair and we will discuss options for creatively mending them. Learn how to express your creativity through visible mending, embroidery and embellishment. Make sure to bring your imagination and enthusiasm! Who will be teaching? Tamara Russell is a Textile Artist specialising in free machine embroidery, hand stitching and mending based in Melbourne. She has been making her clothes and mending since a teenager. Loving to personalise her wardrobe with visible mending and embellishment. Tamara enjoys teaching various forms of mending and embroidery. She also happily accepts commissions to mend your old favourites. Check her beautiful repairs out at @karhina03. Grab your ticket to the Zero Waste Festival | 26th Oct |Tickets via link in our bio 🌱✨ 📷 @karhina03 #zwfestival