Potential Serious Pollution to Kaneohe Bay | Kaneohe Neighborhood Board
Toxic Runoff At Issue As State Considers New Permit For Kaneohe Boat Facility (KYC) The department is accepting public comments on the permit until Monday. Interested residents can email their comments to cleanwaterbranch@doh.hawaii.gov or mail them to P.O. BOX 3378, Honolulu, Hawaii 96801-3378.Will you help us? My Testimony I have serious concerns about this permit. DLNR is understaffed and is not able to check compliance on a regular basis. The Yacht Club has a history of non-compliance which makes me think they will probably cut corners in the future. The chemicals used in anti-fowling paints are some of the most toxic used in paints. They are a threat to the Bay, to neighbors of the Yacht Club and to the amateur painters maintaining their boats. Hull maintenance should only be done by licensed painters who understand how to contain hazardous materials. To read the Civil Beat Article Click here