Research Interests: Youth Migration and Mobility. Higher Education in Africa. Digital Humanities and Social Media. Ghanaian Politics. PhD project at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana: Student Migration Aspirations (link to project site). Lecturer at Ashesi University, Ghana. Open activist at Creative Commons Ghana. Publications: Hallberg Adu, K. (2017, June 2). A rough but rewarding road to educating ethical leaders. Retrieved June 12, 2017, from Hallberg Adu, K. (2016, May 29). Das andere Afrika: Hauptfach: Ethik. Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Retrieved from Hallberg Adu, K. (2016, April). The Public-Private Divide in Higher Education. APSA Africa Workshop Alumni E-Newsletter, 3(2), 8–11. cihablog. (2015, September 25). In the News: A Deeper Understanding of African Migrants. Retrieved March 4, 2016, from http