Becoming Ghanaian: Registration as a Citizen Part 3 – The Interview
After 11 years in Ghana, I have applied to become a Ghanaian Citizen. This is the third post in the series of my experience of the application process. Read part 1 Submitting the application and paying the fee and 2 Submitting the Application to Ghana Immigration Service. Just before the holidays, I sent a few WhatsApp messages to my Ministry of Interior contact to ask of my citizenship application. I wanted specifically to know if the application had reached the stage where they would make a home visit and interview my husband and me. After a little back and forth, we decided on the last Friday before Christmas. It was a brief affair. After arriving almost two hours late, due to Christmas traffic and phone network disturbances to clarify our location, the visit / interview seemed to be centered around two issues: Did we live where we said we lived? Had my husband written the "consent letter" to support my application included in my docket? Everything else was pleasantries that