Salad with my Favorite Vinaigrette
This post is a collaboration with Eden Tree. *** I love a good salad, especially on a hot day at home, and feel a vinaigrette takes it to the next level. My Favorite Vinaigrette is more like a life hack than a recipe (no measurements, just guidelines!) that I hope will bring you joy! I make my vinaigrette in big batches and keep in a bottle in the fridge. Favorite Vinaigrette A generous splash of a good vinegar ( I like Apple Cider Vinegar right now, but anything goes) Two generous splashes of oil, preferably Extra Virgin olive oil Something sweet (Just a little Ghanaian honey is fab) One or two cloves of garlic A dollop of French mustard Dried herbs like Thyme, Oregano, Tarragon, or a mix like Herbes the Provence Black Pepper and Salt to taste Combine all the wet ingredients in a bottle with a reliable cap. I like to put the cloves in the bottle whole, but for them to release their garlicky taste better, you can bruise, break, or if in a hurry to gobble up the vinaigrette,