Top Three: My Best Podcasts from Ghana and Beyond
This evening, BloggingGhana is doing an event called "PodCast - the New Blog?" (free if you sign up in advance by following the link) and because of that, I wanted to list my top three podcasts out of Ghana. In Ghana, there is still not much to choose from, but these have made a great effort and are podcasts I return to: AccraWeDey. A chilled conversation between the guys (Joey, Pokuaa and Nii) and a guest on popular culture, whats new on Twitter, and in town. Great intro song and vibe, but maybe sometimes too much friends just chilling? Hagtivist. A serious podcast that discusses news in Ghana from a well needed humanist angle. This is definitely an activist pod, but could it be available on iTunes? Have fewer hosts or segments that made listening a bit easier? The cocoa pod? I can't even find three...Soon that will change hopefully! My top three English speaking podcasts are: Startup by Gimlet. All Gimlet shows are hyper produced and great, but the idea of following a company