PhD Update: Seminar Season
Supposedly, I am in my last year of my PhD-studies. That means trying to write up, conclude and present, present, present! Last week, I started my seminar season by presenting my work to the intracollegial Faculty of Arts Colloquium at University of Ghana. This week, I will present preliminary findings from my focus group discussions to my home institution, the Institute of African Studies at University of Ghana. Two weeks later, I will be presenting my work to my colleagues at Ashesi university. In June, I will be working out of the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden and hope to present my work in some way there as well. It is scary and taxing to display your work, try to explain three years of thinking and researching, including mistakes and weaknesses, but I feel it is absolutely necessary. I have already had some aha-moments when rushedly going over my work again to prepare. As my brother aptly put it, it is like cleaning your house before the guests are coming. Suddenly,