Made in Ghana Clothes: Friday Local Wear
Yesterday at the Ghanian independence day, I came to talk about Ghanaian clothing with some people attending the same celebratory event. We said, on a day like this, why are people not waiving the Ghanaian flag, attending parties in wax print and local cuts? I was wearing my waxprint patchwork pants and a Golden Baobab t-shirt and he was wearing jeans and a blue striped shortsleeved shirt. He was praising me for always wearing Ghanaian clothes (its true, I often do), but I was saying I feel people in Ghana do patronise Ghanaian attire a lot, compared to other countries. One reason I wear Ghanaian clothes is to better blend in! The President even bragged about his Ghanaian footwear in his State of the Nation address recently! So I said: When was the last time you saw a Brit sporting an "all British" outfit? But here another partygoer jumped in and told us about Benin where two days a week are local wear day and then even the police dons Beninoise clothing. In Ghana, it is once a week,