Ghana, a Country of Perpetual Power Problems?
In Monday's newspaper, new schedules for "lightoff" or power sharing were announced (Unfortunately not yet on LightOffGH). Again? Before the election, we were told that shortages were due to a cut in the gaspipeline from Nigeria, but although that has been fixed apparently power is currently scarce and scheduled to going off every other day, all day or evening! Now, that's is worse than ever! The implications of this situation is devastating for growth, business and - face it - sleep in a country that keeps to a cosy 30 degrees also at night and offers a darkness full of malaria mosquitoes. Without a fan, life is difficult! You toss and turn Then try to lie still as to not work up a sweat You look over at your window The curtain hangs as still as was it made from stone No breeze tonight You sigh You close your eyes and think of the beach Wind in your hair, waves hitting the shore... ...wait, what is that sound...bzz.... a mosquito? I am still to hear about a plan for how