Debating Homosexuality in Ghana
Since I wrote about homosexuality for my class blog Social Theory Blog last year, the Ghanaian blogosphere has been quiet on the topic ( I believe except for a weeklong theme at AntiRhythm some time ago). Homosexual acts are forbidden by law in Ghana and there has been very little public debate that would suggest Ghanaians in general would like to change the status quo. Therefore, I was happy to see that Ghana's most famous blogger Ato KD last week made his point clear in the post "Let them be gay". The post was written in response to the news of a NGO regestering 8000 gays in Ghana and the Ghanaian Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) getting involved... Ato's post was put rather bluntly, but the essence of it was (this is likely also the only passage without reference to sexual organs...) Much as I don't understand why people become gay, I also don't understand all the hatred being spewed on people in this country who have chosen to be gay. The next day he followed up with a post