It All Began With a Knitting Needle – a five-minute #freewrite
Waving back and forth as a magic wand, the knitting needle danced in intricate swirls in front of Jenny’s face. The dimming light painted it a dirty yellow, ruining its pearlescent sheen, and she glared at it before turning her angry stare to Joey. The ginger maniac’s careless hand held it tight but who knew how long he’d be able to maintain such a grip. At any moment it could slip. Any moment. A missing eyeball was not what she wanted this day. Or any day. She forced a smile and leant further back in the chair, hoping to get some distance between herself and the cursed thing, but Joey only moved it closer. “Can you get that fucking thing out of my face?” “Maybe if you asked nicely.” Jenny rolled her eyes. “Joey, darling. Could you please, by the grace of all that’s holy, move that knitting needle somewhere else before, perchance, it stabs me in the eye.” Joey stood aback. “I would never do such a thing! How lowly you must think of me.” “Trust me when I say that I have never had a high thought of you,” she paused. “Except that one time, when I was high and barely knew you.” “Oh, that was a fun night! You were so much more pleasant than you are these days.” His eyebrows shot up and a grin spread over his face. “I know! Give me the laptop.” Slamming the lid shut, Jenny quickly hugged it against her chest. “Wha- why?” “I need to buy a cow. You won’t regret it. I swear!” Jenny narrowed her eyes and squinted at Joey’s increasingly widening, and infuriating, grin. “I don’t think so.” Hullo! Today is Day 805 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite challenge, and my first freewrite of the New Year. Wooooo! The prompt for today is — knitting needle — and this is what I came up with in 5 minutes, give a few extra minutes for a tidy up. Going to try and do a continuation; let’s see how I manage. 😊 You can find today’s challenge — AND JOIN USSSS — at the following link: https://steempeak.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-805-5-minute-freewrite-friday-prompt-knitting-needle The header image for today is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay! Thank you for stopping by and having a read! 😃